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|| A wispher from God has more power than all the words of the world.

† ʚ GOD.
xo Plant love, grow peace.

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Dear followers,

I’m sorry but I won’t post things about kpop anymore.
I was addicted to kpop and I had many biasses and favorite groups.
I was really obsessed with kpop, it was a part of my life, I couldn’t live without kpop anymore.
I loved everything about kpop, the kpop stars, the kfashion, the songs and soon seoul was my number one place to be.

Till today something happend with my schoolfriend, she was addicted to kpop too.
My teachers kicked her out of school because her notes weren’t good enough.
When I heard that I was really heart broken, I thought we could finish school together and then I realised I was lucky enough to have good notes.

When I had exam week I didn’t studied everything, I was looking for some news about kpop and photo’s of my biasses.
I spent my spare time to kpop.

God warned me with video’s about the bad side of kpop and I knew it but I didn’t listen to Him.
I just didn’t want to throw kpop away, it was a part of me!
Today God warned me with this and this time I’m going to listen.

Kpop followers, thank you for following me!
Sorry for my bad english but I tried my best!

xo Plant love, grow peace.